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Introducing the 'Swing Strong' Group Training Program

Longer Drives, Stronger Bodies

...without spending countless hours at the gym or on the range.
...and even if you’re juggling a busy work and family life.

Tired of your playing partners outdriving you on the course?

Feeling like age is starting to impact not only your golf,
but your life?

Want to start filling out your golf clothes in the right places
with a stronger, more muscular physique?

Join the 'Swing Strong' Group Program and be guided
through workouts each week that have you feeling fitter, stronger, and more explosive on the golf course...


Tom Davies

I've added ball-speed to my drives
and all my main lifts are up 10-20%.
Trust me if you do what Adam tells you to
do then you will 100% reach your goals.

Jake Weekes

"I've added 10-15mph ballspeeds and this has translated into much more distance.
I feel way stronger than when I used to play football and more athletic than ever before without picking up any injuries along the way"

Phil Hodgson

"I'm back playing golf
pain free again which is massive!
"Your knowledge of golf was huge in
me trusting your program."

A Training Program that'll help you
to your drives...

...even without changing your swing

Hello, I'm Adam Boyd-Brown,


A specialist in transforming the golf game of (ahem) older chaps through training that helps you roll back the years.

As the creator of the 'Swing Strong' program which is specifically designed for golfers over 35, I've crafted a method that breaks away from the stale old

programs of the past.


It's not merely about gaining muscle or just feeling "a bit fitter",

That shit is boring...’s about helping golfers directly SEE the benefits of their work in the gym on the golf course!


My "Move, Load, Explode Method," reflects my understanding of how guys approaching middle age build stronger, more athletic bodies.

So that you don't need to worry about injuring yourself chasing more yards.

My journey began with a deep understanding of the average golfer's plight...


The quest for MORE DISTANCE!


Whilst battling against advancing years, and the struggle to juggle time spent practicing with family and professional obligations.


Recognizing these challenges led me to an epiphany:


Why spend months changing your swing to try and hit the ball further when we could just upgrade YOU?

Make YOU stronger.

Make YOU faster.

Make you feel like a MONSTER on the tee!


My clients, who range from enthusiastic weekend duffers to seasoned golf pro's have seen firsthand the benefits of a program that caters to the older player can have.

As the architect of the 'Swing Strong' Program, my mission is to guide you on a transformative journey towards a more robust body...


And drives that have your mates tapping the face of your driver wondering whether it's legal!


(p.s. Try to cover up your smile as you stride past your mates ball on the way to yours.)


This 'Golf-Fitness' stuff works...

Just listen to some of the fine chaps I've already worked with.

What I aim to deliver for YOU...

The support you need and a clear training program to enable you to get in, switch off, and KNOW that you're doing the right things in the gym.

If you follow this step-by-step program, you'll see why clients love it.

The Swing Strong Program isn't like most, where you're sent off with a number of reps and no clue how to progress week to week.

A training program should NOT look like '3x10' every week.

And let's face it, you haven't got time to waste getting bored doing the same thing over and over for no progress.

This is different.

  • BUILD THE ENGINE: Begin by increasing your strength and mobility throughout the body, priming your body for the more explosive work to come.

  • TUNING THE ENGINE: Take your increased strength and begin adding speed and power to your physique.

  • SECRETS OF THE WORLDS LONGEST HITTERS: We'll quickly and simply break down the techniques used by the longest players in the world to hit drives that seem to defy physics.

  • FROM THE GYM TO THE RANGE: Each month you'll watch a short video to learn the theory, and then be given a swing drill to use to turn it into action at the end of the week.

  • ONGOING SUPPORT: Get access to me for in-depth answers for any questions and ongoing education around all the things you need to know to hit bombs!

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And it's all delivered via a single app...

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