Tim & Suzie

Tim & Suzie Croucher

"Both of us each lost 25% of our bodyweight working with Adam. He taught us how to monitor our nutrition, exercise and since turning 50 we've only got fitter and fitter!"

Rachel Cook

Adam is Awesome!

Would 100% recommend him to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals. I feel more confident lifting weights and have a changed mindset when it comes to food which will stay with me forever.


I actually enjoy going to the gym again. I'm age 30 now and in the best shape of my life. If you want results, I can guarantee Adam will get them for you. He has a great work ethic and is always there for you when you've got questions. Couldn't recommend him enough.

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Louise Milward Lawson

"Since working with you my Strength has skyrocketed since day 1, but also my Speed and Running times have improved significantly. I'm hitting PB's post baby which I never thought I would do!"

Michael O'Pray

"I couldn't of done it with out the help of an amazing coach"

Rita Booker

"Been with Adam nearly a year as an online client. He’s kept me accountable and my results speak for themselves. My training programs are exciting and I look forward to every session.


Nutrition wise it’s been amazing. I’ve eaten all the foods I love, nothing is out of bounds, I’ve maintained a busy social life and still smashed goals.


I honestly believe a huge part of that is down to Adam educating his clients. Genuinely one of the nicest & knowledgeable guys I know."

Matt Baker